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We will travel with Vanderbuyst to Osaka, Japan

On June 27, we will be at the show of Vanderbuyst in Osaka, Japan. This is the first time Black Events will be find in Japan. This will be a great experience for band and crew! We also going to write something about it on our blog soon.  

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Vanderbuyst new video, Lights by Black Events

The new video of Vanderbuyst is released. Lights during the show are done by Black Events    

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Videorecordings of Vanderbuyst’s new video

On the 5th of December, during the official German release party at the Underground, Köln. The there will be  video-recordings made for a new video.  

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Our website is launched!

Our website is launched! Stay tuned for more!   Picture : Lightshow Vanderbuyst – Groningen

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